NRHM Schemes

National Health Mission:-

“To carry out the architectural correction in the basic health care delivery system to improve the availability of and access to quality health care by people, especially for those residing in rural areas, the poor, women and children.”

Vision :
Ensuring access to quality Health care services to the last person, in the last household of the last village.

Mukhiya Mantri Janani Swasthya Abhiyan (Janani Suraksha Yojana):

All pregnant women delivering in Government health centres like Sub-centre, PHC/CHC/ FRU / District Hospitals.
All SC /ST /BPL women delivering in a accredited private institution.
BPL/SC/ST Certification necessary for delivering in Accredited Pvt Institutions.

Janani Sishu Suraksha Karyakram :

Cashless Delivery -All pregnant women delivering in Government health centres like Sub-centre, PHC/CHC/ FRU / District Hospital.
All children (0-01 Year of birth) in Government health centres like Sub-centre, PHC/CHC/ FRU / District Hospitals.

Entitlements For Pregnant Women and New Born:

  1. Free delivery
  2. Free caesarean section
  3. Free drugs and consumables
  4. Free diagnostics (Blood, Urine tests and Ultra sonography etc.)
  5. Free diet during stay (upto 3 days for normal delivery and 7 days for caesarean section)
  6. Free provision of blood
  7. Free transport form home to health institution, between health institutions in case of referrals and drop back home.
  8. Exemption from all kinds of user charges.

Mamta Vahan:

To reduce Maternal and Infant Mortality Rate and increase institutional delivery through free referral transportation to Pregnant women from their home to Institution and drop back to home.

Malnutrition Treatment Center(MTC)

Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition through facility based approach – Malnutrition Treatment Centres (MTC)

04 MTCs Operational in district. (Nawadih, Petarwar, Gomia, Chas)

Family planning :

To help the couples adopt family planning services, the government provides compensation to the beneficiary for various FP methods. The compensations are given as loss of wages to the beneficiary.

S.N. District/Common Health Centre Designation Name Mobile No
1 District Level DC SMT. JADHAV VIJAYA NARAYAN RAO, (I.A.S) 06542-249944
2 District Level CS Dr. DINESH KUMAR 8709440886
3 District Level ACMO Dr. Harendar Kumar Mishra 9431168693
4 District Level DRCHO Dr. Kanta Tirky 9431129451
5 District Level DPM Mr. Pradeep Kumar Sinha 9199083995
6 District Level DAM Mr.Amit Kumar Sinha 9065527567
7 District Level DDM Mrs. Kanchan 9065527568


8 District Level HM Dr. Prabhas Kumar 9430212500
9 District Level DPC Mr. Manish Kumar 8235378510


10 District Level Promis Mng/operator Mr. Abhay Kumar 9304450285
11 District Level RI Operator Urmilla Kumari 9525121228
12 District Level DS SADAR Dr. Sanjay Kumar 9431036328
13 District Level Public Health Manager – NUHM Akhilesh Kumar 9696237703
14 SDH CHAS DS Dr. A K Choudhary 9835114904
15 CHAS MOIC Dr. B. Mishra 9065909921
16 CHAS BAM Madhumita 9065909936
17 CHAS BDM Chandra Shekhar Thakur 9065909944
18 Chandankiyari MOIC Dr. Shreenath 9065909922
19 Chandankiyari BPM Virendra lal 7352544490
20 Chandankiyari BAM Pankaj Kumar 9065909945
21 Chandankiyari BDM Pankaj Kumar 9065909945
22 Jaridih MOIC Dr. Jitendra Kumar Singh 9065909923
23 Jaridih BPM Aman Kumar 9065909930
24 Jaridih BAM Manish Kumar 9065909938
25 Jaridih BDM Rambha Kumari 9065909946
26 Kasmar MOIC Dr. Nawab 9065909924
27 Kasmar BPM Bankim Chandra Mahto 9065909931
28 Kasmar BAM Ramjay Kumar Singh 9065909939
29 Kasmar BDM Simant Kumar 9065909947
30 Peterwar MOIC Dr. Albel kerketta 6204805492
31 Peterwar BPM Tapeswar Singh 9065909935
32 Peterwar BAM Umesh Kumar Thakur 9065909943
33 Peterwar BDM Chhatradhari Mahto 9065909949
34 Bermo DS DR. Ganesh Pd. Gupta 8002514775
35 Bermo MOIC Dr. A k Manjhi 9065909925
36 Bermo BPM Bhawesh Mishra 9065909932
37 Bermo BAM Rajesh Kumar 9065909940
38 Gomia DS Dr. Shambhu Kumar 9931018927
39 Gomia MOIC Dr. Halan Barla 7739302278
40 Gomia BPM Pramod Kumar 9065909933
41 Gomia BAM Gautam Kumar 8083581329
42 Nawadih MOIC Dr.Kameswar Mahto 9065909927
43 Nawadih BPM Naresh Kumar 9065909934
44 Nawadih BAM Rajesh Kumar Sinha 9065909942
45 Nawadih BDM Premlata Kumari 9065909948