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Vehicle Registration

Application For Registration of a Motor Vehicle                                                Form 20
Application for Assignment of New Registration Mark                                   Form 27
Application for No Objection Certificate and Grant of Certificate                Form 28
Notice of Transfer of Ownership of A Motor Vehicle                                        Form 29
Report of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle                                       Form 30

Driving Licence

Application-cum-decalration as to physical fitness                                                Form 1
Medical Certificate                                                                                                                 Form 1A
Application for the Grant of Learner's License                                                            Form 2
Application for Licence to Drive                                                                                         Form 4
Application for the addition of new class of vehicles to a Driving Licence       Form 8


Birth certificate                                                                                                                           Form
Death certificate                                                                                                                         Form
Cast certificate                                                                                                                            Form
Local Residential Certificate                                                                                                 Form
Income Certificate                                                                                                                     Form

Land Registration

Land Registration Form 1                                                                                                         Form
Land Registration Form II                                                                                                         Form