Bokaro Steel City, often referred as the City of Scholars, is among the main industrial cities in Jharkhand. One of the most industrialized zone in India, Bokaro houses the largest steel plant in India along with many other large, medium and small industries. Bokaro Steel City is famous for its steel industry sprawling in a vast area.
Bokaro Steel City is amongst the major tourist destinations in the state. Conceived and planned in the year 1959, the Bokaro Steel Plant contains major coalfields that are placed nearby. The employees of the plant are provided accommodation and other social facilities. Bokaro Steel City is systematic and properly planned, and has wide lanes and roads spread through out the city. A good sewage system, adequate electric supply and the lush green environment are other features of the region. Bokaro is most popular for its Steel Plant that is the largest in Asia.
The city is also known for its dam and some temples.

Garga Dam

  Garga Dam, situated around 12 km from the city centre, close to the railway station on the NH-23, is a beautiful picnic spot for the Bokaro citizens. The dam is built for the purposes of the steel plants and for water supply to the people in the town. Its green surroundings and species of aquatic habitat inhabiting in and around Garga Dam attract school excursions and biological expeditions to the area.





Rajrappa Temple

  Rajrappa, a tourist spot, is known for the 'Chinnamasta Temple' located on the bank of the confluence of the Bhairavi and Damodar rivers. Nestled amidst dense greenery, the temple is lying 8 km from the colony. Named after the Rajrappa Mandir, the place is 60 km from the Bokaro Steel City.





 Luguburu Ghantabari

  Luguburu Ghantabari situated near TTPS Lalpania a small village of “Santhalis” a group of Tribal , about 16 kilometer far from Gomia Block is the pride of Santal community since the period of civilization called Sosnok Jug in Hor-dishom. Luguburu Ghantabari Dharamgarh was re-established in the year 2000. Then the every year religious gathering is held at Darbar Chatani under foot hill of Luguburu in the lap of famous Lugu hill series (The second highest hill series of jharkhand) and surrounded with Jharkhand’s famous river Damodar and small hilly

rivers Katail and Sadabahar , situated in the north side of Tenughat Dam. On Kartik Purnima a famous Mela of Santhalies is organized here & Santhal tribal of all over India use to come here to offer prayer to their lord LUGU BABA. “Pahan” use to perform the puja. 
Shyamali a guest house of T.T.P.S is a beautiful building, constructed on road side hill top. A typical scene of Tenughat water reservoir, Luguburu hills , snake like roads can be observed from its rooftop. At the bottom of Shyamali and besides the Lalpania Gomia road a very attractive statue of “Birsa Bhagwan’ is made.

A small but very pleasant water fall is adding in the beauty of Lalpania, here water is falling from a height of approx 15meters and at the bottom of the fall a big cantilever stone creating cave like scene , a shiva linga has been placed in side there by famous local holyman Shri Ram Sharan Giri adding spiritual atmosphere .

Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park

  situated around 12 km from the city centre stablished in the 1980s and it is situated 2km from the city centre. The zoological park became famous for its rare collection of big cats such as White Tigers and Asiatic Lions.
The zoo houses many amazing species of animals and plants and is a truly fascinating place to visit for adults and children alike. It also has a toy train and boating facility available in its artificial lake.




City Park

  The city park is situated 2 km from the city centre and it is a lovely place with greenery, lake and beautiful restaurants along the lake's shore providing a perfect setting for spending some quality time with family and friends. The lake has boating facility available in it. The city park having a musical fountain inside it.



City Center

  One can shop for some of the most popular brands of clothing and electronics here. The city center houses some great clothing brands such as Monte Carlo, Woodland, Levis among others.
It also a great place to buy gadgets so all you gadget hungry folks out there, can head straight for the city center, while in Bokaro.